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Diary of a Bikini Competitor

Diary of a Bikini Competitor: Show Day


Better late than never, right? 😛 Sorry loves, it’s been a crazy two weeks since show day. I had to play catch up at work, with school, emails, clients, and normal things like laundry, washing dishes, cleaning my house, and playing with my poor, neglected dogs. Competition prep requires most of your time, energy, and […] Read more…

Diary of a Bikini Competitor: Peak Week


Hello Dolls! Peak week is officially here. Whew! I can almost say “I made it.” 12-13 weeks of being meticulous about my food, counting calories and macros, working out 6-7 days per week… it’s tiring! I’m ready to just “be” for a while. Before I jump into my week, I’m going to explain the process […] Read more…

A Day In The Life


Many people ask me how I do it. How do I manage to meal prep, stay on track, study, work, or excerise every day with such a busy schedule. The key is managing your time effectively and focusing on what you want. If something is a priority, make time for it! It it’s not a priority, […] Read more…