Wellness At Work

Wellness at Work!

Considering the average American spends roughly 1/3 of each day at work, the time we spend at the office adds up quickly.

It’s more important than ever for employees and employers alike to take charge of their office health and create environments that alleviate stress and fatigue while promoting productivity and creativity.

Replace your desk chair with a yoga ball! This is one of my personal favorites. I did away with my desk chair a long time ago. A yoga ball will help with posture, firm up your legs and booty, and it’s just plain fun.

Every 45 minutes remember to stand up, walk around, stretch, and get your yoga on! More often than not we are slouched in our chairs and crunched over our keyboards which leads to tense muscles in shoulders, neck, arms, and back. Take a deep breath and roll your shoulders back and down. Stretch your arms behind your back and over your head. Roll your head around and stretch out your neck. A seated spinal twist will help relieve overall stress.

Keep infused water on hand at all times! Fill up your bottle with cold water and add mint leaves and peppermint extract. This combo will do wonders in keeping you hydrated, awake, and refreshed! Make sure you have plenty of healthy snacks on hand as well. Snacking every 2-3 hours between meals is a GREAT way to keep that metabolism boosted!

Skip the elevator and take the stairs! On sunny days, take a 15 minute walk around the building before or after lunch. Walk over to a co-workers office instead of sending an e-mail. For extra motivation, slip on a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps per day!

Live a Nourished Existence,

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