Before you stress out, try these tips! #Fitness #WeightLoss #HealthYou started weight lifting and overhauled your nutrition. You lost weight, you gained lean muscle, and you had more energy. Great!

Then, all of a sudden, everything comes to a screeching halt. The pounds stopped falling off, muscle growth isn’t happening, and energy levels plummeted.

What gives?

Possible Reasons You’re Stuck

1. You’re Doing Too Much, Too Fast

It’s possible that you are giving your body too much to comprehend. In our more-is-better world, it’s easy to get caught in the overtraining trap. When it comes to your workouts, it pays to do less. I’m certainly not telling anyone to quit exercising but your workout schedule should have built-in rest days.

Fix it: Slow Down

Give your body time to adjust to new workouts or a new nutritional plan. Take rest days and incorporate healthy cheat meals.

2. You Aren’t Doing Enough

Your routine may have been working for a while and it might seem like you are doing enough BUT we don’t always push ourselves to full capacity. When a routine stops working, what do you do?

Fix it: Add More!

Your body may be ready for more. Slowly increase the amount of weight you are lifting. If you aren’t slightly fatigued by the 8th rep, then you can absolutely lift more! Stuck in a nutritional rut? Make sure you are eating enough (more exercise = a higher BMR. That means, the amount of calories your body needs just to stay alive increases. Whooo hoo! More food.) Adjust your macros, eat a bit more (That metabolism is on fire! Eat to keep up.) or try new recipes.

3. You’re Being Repetitive

The same workouts don’t shock your body or muscles like they did when they were new. Your body has adjusted. This will slow down or stop any further results and leave you simply “maintaining” your current body. That can be great! Unless you desire additional weight loss or muscle growth; then that really stinks!

Fix it: Add Variety

Try new workouts or a new fitness class. Increase your weight, add in a weight lifting routine, or start incorporating 2-3 days of HIIT cardio. Eat a bit more protein, try 3 new recipes, drink more water, eat metabolism boosting foods, or pick out 1-2 new foods you’ve never tried before.

How To Beat A Weight Loss Plateau  #Fitness #WeightLoss #Health

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