Heavy Metal Detoxing: Separating Fact & Fiction | #Detox #Toxins #Scam

Heavy Metal Toxicity

I had a debate about heavy metal toxicity with some fellow humans over a MBG article. This particular article stated that you can juice in order to “detox” yourself from heavy metals. Many, many people believed this article to be true and were actually scared about the build up of “toxins” in their body. Articles like this are dangerous and based on fear mongering.

fear·mon·ger·ing: the action of deliberately arousing public fear or alarm about a particular issue.

Where to begin?

Heavy Metal Detoxing: Separating Fact & Fiction | #Detox #Toxins #ScamHeavy metals are found in our environment both naturally and from pollution. The term “heavy metal” applies to a group of metals with similar chemical properties. Some of these metals (copper, iron and zinc) play important roles in our bodies – i.e., we need them to live. Others have no known benefit for health. Examples: lead, arsenic, and mercury. At very high levels, heavy metals can cause health problems.

Luckily, this is very uncommon.

Heavy metal toxicity is extremely rare. You do not get toxicity from daily food, water, or vaccinations.

If someone is actually suffering from heavy metal toxicity it is more than likely an acute poisoning. Meaning, they swallowed something like a leaded toy (we usually see this in children.) There is growing evidence that chronic or long-term exposure to lower levels of heavy metals also causes health problems BUT true chronic heavy metal poisoning is rare. Chronic poisoning might be seen with people who may be exposed to metals in the workplace daily.

Testing for heavy metal toxicity includes blood work and urine tests. These are ordered by health care providers, collected by nurses or medical assistants, and tested by certified laboratory technicians.

If, after testing, it is determined that you do have heavy metal toxicity a health care professional may suggest Chelation Therapy. Chelation Therapy is a treatment used to treat poisoning. Injections of EDTA or other chemicals bind to lead, mercury, cadmium, and zinc, which are then eliminated from the body. This MUST be done under the supervision of a health care professional because Chelators can also bind to important minerals in your body, such as calcium and iron, that you do not want to lose.

The small amount of heavy metal you may be exposed to through food, water, air, or vaccinations do not (I REPEAT) DO NOT cause heavy metal toxicity. Your body’s natural response to heavy metals is to store them in the safest place possible (usually bone) while slowly excreting them over time, minimizing the chance of harm to the brain, nerves, or other organs.

There is no juice cleanse that will eliminate heavy metals from your body. Let your body do its job. Our bodies are extremely capable machines that are designed to protect us against environmental hazards. Your liver and kidneys are your natural detoxification system and they are pretty damn good at their job. You can ABSOLUTELY support your system by eating a healthy diet and I highly suggest that you do, but buying into a juicing detox scam is a waste of your time and money.

Oregon Department of Public Health

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