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Coaching For Compassion


Many of you know I don’t participate in Black Friday. In fact, I’m very a much an #optoutside type of girl. 😉 I’ve never particularly enjoyed the idea of a weekend full of mad spending and people going crazy over sales. Unfortunately, it’s become somewhat of a holiday tradition… one I don’t see ending anytime […] Read more…

Gratitude Over Guilt


The holidays are officially upon us. Many people are already strategizing and stressing about how much to eat, how they are going to avoid every carb, and planning out how many miles they need to run in order to burn off the extra calories. It’s easy to get caught in the trap. No one wants to […] Read more…

Flu Season Ahead


Colder temperatures mean hot chocolate, winter boots, snuggles by the fireplace and, unfortunately, an increased risk of getting sick. The flu season in the United States begins around October and can end as late as May the following year. During these months, the flu viruses are circulating at higher than normal levels. (1) Many of […] Read more…

Leave Room For Doughnuts


This blog post started out as “Two Roads Diverge In The Woods…” which I really liked but would probably lead people to believe I was writing about hiking or trees. Doughnuts are sexier. Doughnuts grab the attention of dieters and non-dieters alike. Doughnuts are also a staple in my diet when I am looking to […] Read more…